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Summer on beachHi Everyone,

I have been busy becoming a certified Birkman consultant! It has been an incredible tool for my children and so many others in the world so I finally decided to make this happen for others! I have used it for years with my own children.  It is an assessment to help high schoolers get ready for college and for college students to be thoroughly prepared when they actually get there.  I have had all but two of my children take this assessment (they need to be 15 years old). It is not a career advisor or a personality test (which are abundantly available).  This assessment, with my guidance, provides a complete profile for our children.  It specifically tells them what they need in order to avoid the stressors that can hinder their success and motivation.  It also refers to the interests that need to be a part of their daily life.  You would think that everyone would know what stresses them out or what interest they have, but in so many cases we do not know these things. Usually there is a vague idea but it is not understood to the point of being able to get back on track to feeling good and moving forward with a flow!

So, here are the questions in our heads and our children’s. What do I really need? What really motivates me? What should I do every day that I love and helps me stay on track? What environment should I be in? Should I be on a large campus, a small campus?  If I am on a large campus because that is the school I want to be in but I like a smaller setting, what can I do to get what I need in that environment? What career path should I follow? How can I flow with focus and be socially in an ideal place? I will not have the parental guidance that I have been getting and, as exciting as it, what kind of decisions will I have to make and how will I know which is the right answer?

Ughhh…so many questions in an exciting and scary time!  This Birkman assessment is the best tool!  It is similar to giving a map to someone we love who is going on a road trip.  It is a strategic road-map for our kids.  It will make them feel in place, validated, successful and happy.  Is that not what we want for our children?  Of course it is!

Have a solid day!

Ivy L.

By the way, this is not for just students, it actually is used by NASA, United Nations and major corporations all of the world for executive placement and teambuilding!  This assessment carries your children through their lives, as long it is not taken before the age of 15. ( It is also used for counseling between people to understand the perceptions of others and have them work well with each other.) I just want to focus on us and our children! Of course I do!

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  • Charlie
    2 years ago

    I’m really proud of you Ivy. I was never good with young ones, but you are a natural at it. Bless you and then bless you again!

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