The Day that Never Ended

My husband and I have six children ranging from 8 to 18 and we have been married for over 10 years.  Our wedding day was a small get together and my brother (my best friend in the world) married us.  We had a cake decorated with the words of a Bob Dylan song, If Not For You.  My in-laws sang songs while playing their acoustic guitars, the kids ran around our gardens and the food was perfect for the occasion.  It is a day that still never came to an end.  I know this seems like a set up for some romantic verbiage like, “our wedding day will go on for an eternity in our hearts.” Nope, that is not what I was going to write.  The cold truth is that we are still waiting for the limo driver to pick us up so that we can leave for our honeymoon.  We are like a couple of dogs, peeking through our windows hoping that each car that comes near us will be our limo driver. While waiting for our limo to guide the way to a luscious, romantic honeymoon to celebrate our togetherness, our plans keep changing.  We have gone from a hiking adventure in Costa Rica, to an exploration trip to Alaska, to a bike trip package, to a resort where there is room service, to a walk in a park nearby, to a dinner and a movie.  It seems that the level of required activity is the dictating component in the formula.  After all, while we have been waiting for the limo driver, we have somehow taken six little children, with all of their bodily functions, and grown a family blended for life.  That has taken a lot of passionate energy.  While waiting for our limo driver, they have become each other’s best friends, confidants and my husband and I can have a moment of peace knowing that no matter what happens, they will do their best to be there for each other.  If you are asking how we managed to do this, I can answer that. While we waited for the limo, we had to put our passion into something.

A cozy moment just laying around

A cozy moment just laying around

Best Wishes to all,

Ivy Lifton

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