Love Blending Your Family

Love Blending Your Family

Love Blending Your Family

I know that I have written about some hardships about blending a family; but I would like to share something very exciting that I have not mentioned, as I have been focused on some of the difficulties of blending a family because they need to be addressed. However, If I could scream this one thing from the mountaintops, I would!

Being a part of a blended family is a blast!  It really is.  Yes, it has its challenges but everything does.  You can make the worst of it or, like anything else, you can make the best of it.  I chose to make the best of it and I was successful, my family is a success. It takes work and dedication but the love and respect in a blended family can be stronger than a family that shares biology.  The reason is because biology mandates it and in a blended family, every morsel of love and respect has to be earned.

Share with me and other readers your challenges and successes of being in a blended family.  Let’s make every blended family successful because being a part of a family that encompasses many homes, many personalities and many relatives is a party that does not have to go bad.  If you really want things to work out, it will be the best party of your life!


Ivy L.

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  • What a great post! I like what you said about everyone having to “work for it” in a blended family. What you give, you get. Right?

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