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keyboard Let’s talk animals.

I am not sure many families go through life without having pets. I was talked into a snake that got lost in our house which is also known as the pet store. Feeding the snake was a ritual for which I was not prepared.  The snake got into our home with something that started like this: “Please mom, we will take care of him!” I have come to the conclusion that it is not at all what it seems to be.  It seems innocent and sweet but in reality, children are a little like Inspector Gadget or James Bonds.  When the first request of a pet is declined, children start pulling out 007 methods. They first shoot you with an invisible, vulnerability dart.  Once you are tranquilized, they use hypnosis to make sure that you forget any other promise they made and could not keep. Then they use fake tears that they wipe on your arm.  Let me inform you that they are not real tears;  it is a chemical solution that numbs your logical senses leaving only the love of their seemingly innocent eyes.  If that is not enough, they filter a revolving thought in your mind that goes something like this:

“I would love to say yes to them and watch their excitement and receive the hugs to along with it.  They are only young once and a child should have a pet.  It will teach them responsibility.  Maybe they are old enough.  I should not question whether or not they can handle it.  That would be the same as not believing in them.  Look at those eyes looking up at me.  Also, it would stop them from pulling on my arms and begging in public.”

Then the next thing to follow is, “Ok guys, we will give it a try; but you have to promise to take care of it.”  This is exactly how I ended up back at the pet store with the snake and a story to tell the children at dinner that the snake got out of his cage.  It did get out of his cage-for the record.

We will always have pets, but within reason and I will not be talked into something unusual. We still have two dogs and two fish.  I will not let any Inspector Gadget or James Bond use their tricks on me again.  I hope anyone who reads this will learn something about the power of our children and become stronger.  I would write more about it, but I have to go feed the 4 new chickens in our backyard.

Mom to Inspector gadgets and James Bonds


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