A Continuation of Children Watching Horror Movies

Julian with laptop

The horror movie dilemma continues from my last post.  Julian did not wait for me to tuck him in and leave the room before expressing his angst over the trailers of horror movies being shown on a slew of mobile devices in his fifth grade class.

This time he crawled into bed and spoke of it before he even laid down. “It’s hard to not pay attention to it”, he said. “I can make a choice to not watch it; but it is hard to not listen to my friends talk about the stories”, he continued.

“I know!”, I said. “It is so hard to turn away from something that you are curious about and it creates emotions at the same time, isn’t it?” I asked in that validating type of way.

He excitedly confirmed that it was – apparently happy that I understood.

I went on to tell him that, as he gets older, I will be more and more limited to what I can protect him from, in regards to the internet. I explained that there are many things that are not appropriate, harsh and scary on the internet and it would be good practice to listen to the voice that says “back away from this” and  ignore the voice that says, “ooooh what is that ?” with eyes squinted while peeking at the screen.

I could tell from his expression and demeanor that Julian knew exactly what I was talking about. He knew the feeling and he trusted that more is to come, as he gets older and he would have to make choices.

I continued, “Julian, in case you  discover things on the internet that makes you uncomfortable, you need to tell me about it. I do not want you to bare that burden on your own.  Those things can be too much for any one person to carry. I am not sure that I can take the thoughts or visions away, but I can be there for you so you are not feeling alone and you know that I will always be your safe place.”

Having understood everything I said, Julian yelled out, “CHOCOLATE SYRUP!”

“What?” I asked.

“The movies, they use red dye and chocolate syrup! When I think of it, it makes the movies silly and not scary”, he said.

I confirmed that he was right and that I agreed.  I then asked, “What Pixar movie are you going to replay in your mind tonight?”

“None”, he said. “I am going to just think of you, mom.”

I kissed him on his head, told him good night and wiped the tears from my eyes, as I left his precious room.


Ivy L.


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