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Hold on tight...there are some rough waters thankfully followed by calm.

Hold on tight…there are some rough waters thankfully followed by calm.

My name is Ivy which is pronounced “mom”.  That is me.  I am referred to as mom, mommy, mama, maaaaa, and any other variation that can be construed with those letters.  I hold that name close to me and cherish every pronunciation and inflection with which it comes.  Although “mother” is a little formal and is usually followed by a conversation that is accusatory or a reprimand of causing embarrassment, it is a title I carry with appreciation and gratitude.

I am a mother to our six children who currently range in age from 10 to 20.  When my husband and I started, the oldest child was seven. Yikes, when I think back that we were able to handle it all, but we did and so can you.

Since the beginning, our family has grown as did our story.

If I was to ever write a book about my parenting adventures, I would entertain the title: Please Make Your Bed, After We Are Done Jumping On It Together.

With that being said, please note that the process of blending a family to become one family is a challenge that was extremely difficult and, yet, the most rewarding event imaginable.  Come learn from me and share your stories so others can learn from you. Here is to the journey of families of all sizes and style.

2013-3 bo and me in air at Carlton Preserve

Best Wishes to all,

Ivy L.

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